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10 times 'The South' won Hip Hop

Over the past two decades one question has been hotly debated in hip hop. Which region runs hip hop? In the 90's there was no question the East Coast ran things.  But things changed over time and the south began its musical insurrection. Some people may argue the current king of rap doesn't even come from the south, but that shouldn't take away the impact our southern brothers and sisters have had on the game. I've taken the liberty of creating the top ten moments/songs that allowed the south to be at the forefront of this rap sh**.

10. Art of story telling 4 (2007)
Andre 3000 simply went off on this song,  his lyrics could have easily been inserted onto Jay-Z recent 4:44 album as an example grown, rich and lyrical looks. Big Boi cleans up doubt the duo lost their lyricism. Not to mention this was on a DJ Drama mixtape, when they were at the height of gangster grillism.

9 So Icey (2005)
Trappers all over the world unite!! In the one and only song from two Georgia boys, this song marked a point in rap history where two energies were too much for another,  Although the song was catchy as hell, the ensuing beef between the two artist seemed to produce an urban legend that kept music heads focused on Atlanta. If you don't know the back story I suggest you familiarize yourself with the beef. Start with Stay Strapped.

8. Rick Ross not getting smoked by 50 cent (Musically)
Ross hit the music world with an unexpected shot towards 50 cent in 2009 with 'Mafia Music'. Hip Hop fans were certain that the G Unit leader would crushed Ross like he'd done to foes before, but that moment never came as Ross never lost any steam during the battle. In fact he only seemed to have gained momentum and consistently put out good music with bars. This was proof that the south had staying 'POWER'

7. Grindin (2000)
Some people may question whether Virginia can be considered the south,  but almost every early slave owning president was born in Virginia and we seen what happened in Charlottesville, so its the south. In 2000 two brothers came on the scene with a song that had kids beating their lunch tables and desks from New York to Cali, emulating the Neptune beat to spit their own 16. Not to mention the song title was appealing to New Yorkers since the city never sleeps. 

6. Big Pimpin (1999)
In one of the God MCs early Jigga Man classics, Big Pimpin featured Houston's own UGK. Introducing NYC to the melodic flow and pimpin lyrics of them Texas Boys. The song was setting up the Southern invasion, they just had to wait out the wave that was 50 Cent and G-Unit.

5. What You Know About That (2006)
This song changed a whole lot for me in college in NYC.  At every party this song would make us go crazy off of the intro alone. After the beat dropped the lyrics were official too. There is always one song deep in a hip hop star's career that blows him/her up to another level of super stardom, What You Know was that song. In addition. this song was on the soundtrack to the movie ATL, which helped the southern invasion.

4. Trick Daddy & Trina (1998)
Oh you don't know Nann. Ashford had Simpson, Hov had foxy (before Beyonce of course), Biggie had Lil Kim and the south brought us Trina and Trick Daddy. Trina became every man's dream with looks, ass and lyrics. Trick Daddy showed us how Miami goons moved and gave us the music to match. 

3. Future Monster Mixtape (2014)
I remember it like it was yesterday, Halloween 2014 when I heard Future Hendrix promote prostitution on the title song from this mixtape and knew things would never be the same. The other song that got things heated up from this album was Fuck Up Some Commas, which is what certainly happened to Future's bank account after this album gave him mainstream appeal.

2. Migos Existance
There is not one particular song that gets these guys on this list, although some would say Bad and Boujee. What the Migos tapped into was being trendsetter and watching the rest of the world catch up (Dabbin). The Beatles comparisons are accurate as their wave is only now starting to be felt. If they follow up 'Culture' with a super tough mixtape or fuego album then we can expect to be drugged up for a long time. 'Just Say Migo'.

1. Lil Wayne's assassination of all beats
This more than any other factor is the main reason why the south is winning (think Bling Bling). Wayne's sharp lyricism on any beat he touched garnered him respect from fans outside of the southern borders. Wayne was able to catch the attention of Jay-Z in the midst of probably one of the most epic runs to rap stardom we have ever seen. A run during which he was featured on what seemed like every song. Technically he could retire from music right now and have a Hall of Fame ceremony waiting for him, but he's 'Dedicated' to giving fans Tha Carter V.

*Honorable Mentions
Still Tippin (2005)
Southern Hospitality (2000)
Slow Motion (2003)


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