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Black "OUT"

I had to get this one out of my head while everything is fresh and the concepts make sense to me. Two days ago on April 29th, Jason Collins an NBA journeyman who has played on several teams and shared the NBA spotlight with his twin brother came out as a gay male to much accolades and support of sports figures and notable public figures. As some might have expected, but were unable to put a face to the detractors there were those individuals, who’s comments seemed to put a damper on the moment or come across as homophobic (enter ESPN’s Chris Broussard and Miami Dolphins WR Mike Wallace). Both Mr. Broussard and Mr. Wallace employers were quick to release statements saying that the views of these individuals did not reflect the views of ESPN and the Miami Dolphins respectively.

With this post it is not my intent to put a damper or a black cloud on this revelation of Mr. Collins but to pose a question and hopefully get a conversation started around Black masculinity and black male inclu…