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Thank You Human Spirit

Last month the Tri state area was hit by Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy as others have called it. What ever the name what is certain is that the damage that was cause by this storm was unimaginable to the people in the northeast especially after last years hype over Hurricane Irene. I stayed away from watching much television while the storm was happening because the news loves to give minute by minute updates of the same thing, but once I started to see houses destroyed like they were in a tornado or in the vicinity where a bomb was dropped, I knew this was going to be different. It was difficult to wrap my mind around the idea of neighborhoods in the northeast being destroyed by a hurricane, that just doesn't happen in New York or at least it hasn't in my lifetime. At work we were already given two days off following the storm because of the system wide shutdown of the mta, however, when it was reported that the tunnels were flooded and it could take days to get it out…