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Molly Takeover

Throughout 2012, there has been a reoccuring word in the rap/hip hop music that I listen to. The word is not "nigga" or "bitch", "gats" nor "swag" but a simple word called "Molly". When I first heard this term in songs, I overlooked it and made no connections to drug use. Later, after listening to songs again and hearing new songs mentioning that simple name, I started to pay attention to this new lyrical fad in music. My mind shifted into research mode as if I was writing a paper for class. It turns out that molly is the pure forrm of MDMA, the same chemical that is in the popular club drug Extacy. This pure drug which comes in powder and pill form has been around for over 20 years even though to some hip hop heads and youth may think that its new.

So why has this drug reemerged and found itself a new home in hip hop and across urban neighborhoods in America. In my opinion, this is part of a larger problem or phenomenon of drug use i…