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These pineapples right here!!!

This Saturday Showtime will be showing the latest comedy special from Katt Williams. This got me thinking, not to long ago Katt Williams was the man of comedy. I remember his presence in Friday After Next as a pimp, proclaiming that he was a boy. After, I remember being skeptical about watching his first special The Pimp Chronicles Pt 1, which was a solid effort. That man in the green suede suit and the straightened hair brought us the line "this shit right here", which be came synonomous with his persona. Following the chronicles was American Hustle, which I think was funnier that the first. It was Katt Williams who showed us how easily Rick Ross' Hustlin could be used as motivation in any situation from working at McDonald's to the library. Finally in It's Pimpin Pimpin, Katt talked about the fairly new President Obama, Brittany Spears mental breakdown and getting in tune with your star player. These series all brought Mr. Williams fame and I'm certain fortune, he even had a role on Nick Cannon's Wild n Out. The sky seemed to be the limit then all of a sudden Katt seemed to faded from the spotlight, popping up for a few moments that made the public wonder if he was mentally stable. As one star started to fade  another began to develop. I first remember seeing Kevin Hart in 40 Year Old Virgin, where he played a disgruntled customer promising to return and "cap" the workers of an electronic store who he thought were trying to play him. Even though this was his only part in the movie, it easily became my favorite and I'm sure the favorite of others. Following this movie roll, Kevin Hart had his own trilogy of stand up specials. The first being I'm a Grown Little Man, where he told the story of getting attacked by gnats, problems with his height and how animated rappers are when rapping. Next was Seriously Funny, where we were asked of we wanted to go "night night" and introduced to his Uncle Richard Jr. Finally, we knew when to yell "pineapples", while we were laughing at his pain. Over the past 3 years Kevin Hart has had the comedy game on lock, being on late night shows, number one movies and seen around with numerous rappers. The crown of comedy seemed to have a smooth transition from one little man to another little man, with Katt getting less attention and at times having his talents minimized. The public seemed to forget about Katt Williams and the classic stand ups he brought to us, I've heard some of my friends just totally sidestep Katt Williams when asked to compare him to Kevin Hart. As another great comedian said in his stand up its all about "what have you done for me lately", but maybe the landscape of the comedy game will change tonight with the special Kattpacalypse. I'm rooting for Katt to receive some great responses from the public for his new stand up and have the conversation started about a Katt vs Kevin showdown or collaboration. There is enough room for both of these little men with big personalities in the comedy game and competition has never been a bad thing.


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