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Quite Frank

Frank Ocean exposed himself in an open letter to fans. In the letter he explained a relationship that he carried on with a guy in LA since he was 19. I never followed Frank Ocean, the only song that I know him for is No Church in the Wild and that was just a hook. Recently, I became aware that he was a member of Odd Future after browsing Tyler the Creator's Wikipedia page. However, Frank Ocean seems to have a legit following, which I assume will get bigger with his revelation. Which is good because I'm sure this will help record sales (Channel Orange was released a week early on iTunes). This revelation came only a day after CNN's Anderson Cooper came out in an email to a friend. It seems that we are living in a time that is no different I think than the renaissance, age of enlightenment or the socially conscious 60's. At the rate that people are disclosing their sexuality, President Obama's supporting of same sex marriage and New York's passage of same sex ma…