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Lost and Found Myself

Why do we realize the importance of something when its taken away from us? In prison a person begins to realize the real meaning of freedom, and how important the little things in life are. A person who gets fired after months or years of openly despising their job soon realizes that the job wasn't bad at all. Conversely, someone who has regained employment after months of free time realizes that their time should have been appreciated because now its back to a 9-5 grind. And finally in love when that person finally walks out after taking so much shit, its then when reality sets in and it hurts. At times in our life we are blind to the blessings that are in front of us only regaining our sight when those blessings are taken away. But maybe this is how life works, change forces us to grow and push personal limits. Its the pain of loss that fuels the fire in us to better ourselves and never feel that way again. Sure in the moment of loss we feel our world crashing down and nothing else matters. However, if we realize that life continues and through self development we can regain what was once loss then the test has been passed. We have to learn how to navigate our way through life regardless of the bumps and wrong turns that we all go through. Rarely will someone stop to help us on the side of the road to fix a flat. Just think of how many times you've driven past someone in distress and just thought "I'm glad that's not me" and continued to blast your favorite songs en route to your destination. We all need time to self reflect and soul search to find our star player (Williams, K 2010) when we are dealing with loss. I'm confident that on my journey I'll find my star play and stay there. What about you?


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In Fenway park on Monday during a game of America's past time, baseball not racism Adam Jones, a Black centerfielder for the Baltimore Orioles was heckled by Boston Red Sox fans,  not for his play on the field but for what some fans thought he was in their eyes…a Nigga and someone to throw peanuts at.  After the story picked up traction in the news, Boston Red Sox president Sam Kennedy condemned the actions of the fans and encouraged fans at the following night's game to give Jones a standing ovation, which they did.  Herein lies the problem I have with this whole situation.  White people somehow are allowed to mask the disgusting acts of one or a few members of their community with a show of emotion, avoiding any attempts to pathologize the act (Elizabeth Hasslebeck crying over the N word), while minorities are left explaining the actions of everyone in their community from rappers to 17 year olds who have been killed for no other reason than them being Black. (What about Bl…

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