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When the ends don't meet.

From young we are told that if we get good grades in school and continue to do so college, a nice paycheck will be waiting for us. For some this is true, they are able to secure employment in their field of choice and make an above average salary. For others, however, working full time at a hospital and part time in a movie theater is reality. Time is money and you got to lose it all if you are trying to survive. In New York especially, many folks have to hold down two jobs to pay rent, credit card companies and college loan people. I myself don't have loans but I'm no stranger to slicing money up. The tasks gets harder when you got a job doesn't pay you that much to begin with.  What about if you don't like the job....boy oh boy will you feel like going postal. Many ppl are working at their jobs not primarily by choice but rather for survival. If they lose their job the chances of them finding another one is slim,  they can always Occupy Wall Street. With bills and other payments that need to be made a person can't up and quit, money doesn't grow on trees. People in these positions do romanticize about illegal activities that can bring in a substantial amount of money. You probabaly have too!! The nice guy working that first job after college, with the horrible boss, might think about growing pot indoor and coming up with that killer strand (MILF Weed). The young lady with the job at jamba juice who is tired of making wheat grass probably thinks about using her body to make her weekly salary in a day. In today's economy people will do things they normally wouldn't to make the ends meet. Its a terrible feeling to fall behind on bills and not know how they are going to be paid. Money is money no matter how you get it in my opinion. Its the consequences of how you get that money is what everyone has to deal with. Are you content with a desk job, 401k and a salary that increases by 2% each year? Do you want to make it on your own and start your own legal small business and have no boss to answer to, struggling in the beginning to get the business off the ground. Or are you the ultimate risk taker and see all drugs the same zyprexa and cocaine, the only difference is one you need a prescription and the other just a dollar bill and some nostrils. As for me, I'm going the legal route as tough as it might be, jail time doesn't get my juices flowing. I'm more the revolutionary type and ill document my struggles and be able to relate to the masses or people trying to make the ends meet as well. I do feel to each his/her own, so if you selling drugs( I'm pro weed, harder drugs are a no no) or selling your body go ahead and get your bills paid. This is America the land of opportunity and don't be afraid to take yours.


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